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light up the world with a lantern

Anonymous asked: I think we should have sex, maybe in the morning.. that would be nice

morning sex! love that

canoeing through the blue lake wit @_balaram last weekend • #vestalvillage

Anonymous asked: Hey you're really handsome, and I was just wondering do you know you're handsome. (Do attractive people know that they are attractive?)

my friends are better looking haha

Anonymous asked: You are literally the white version or kevin hart. Sense of humor and all.

hahaha thanks!

Thank You Coachella! #well…

Anonymous asked: Your flaws make you so perfect it's unreal

fuck perfect.

If anyone has tickets or knows someone that has a ticket or two to Coachella this weekend let me know! tryna get one for @koatree_ !! we goin #ham either way! #lightsandmusicinthedesert #rd3 || direct message me ASAP with any info! thank you all and ill see you soon! i am in LA and can pick up wherever with cash!
- Dylan

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Anonymous asked: so wait how tall are you?